Hey Mom, Wow! I'm an Author Now!

Today I woke up, put on skinny jeans and birkenstocks (the flip-flop kind duh), vintage turquoise earrings, and big sunglasses and set off for the local hipster coffee joint to "work." A year ago, and really still now, that sentence and the fact that it is true make me want to throw up in my mouth a little. And, yeah, I passed some awesome arty graffiti on the walk, and yeah, I took an instagram of it. I ate greek yogurt and berry compote out of enamelware, for fuck's sake. There's no denying it, anymore, folks. I'm a fucking hipster. I like to comfort myself with the thought that I do not, in general, act like a superior asshole, and don't have skrillex hair, and so maybe I'm not as bad as I think. Also, I'm not the guy who walks past the flat strumming a ukelele like some sort of bard from the middle ages.

Not going to lie, I'm kind of embracing it. I like coffee. I like arty graffiti. I like yogurt and berries, and acting like I have important things to read. Here's why I don't feel bad: I wrote a fucking book. There are plenty of hipsters who have said, at one point or another, "Yeah, I'm totally going to write a book," while they plug away at service-industry jobs and dream about health insurance without a corresponding boring job. I was, for several years, one of them. I finished my novel, How to Fly with Rocks in Your Pocket, earlier this month, and moved into the editing phase. While I don't particularly expect your support for my habit of 'rediscovering' Lou Reed and 'heroin-chic' eye makeup, I'm really going to need it for the whole book thing.

Here is my provisional plan:

-Kickstarter campaign for startup and publishing costs live August 15th. Fundraising period to follow for 1-2 months. I've done some research on which publishing projects are successful on KS, and I need to dramatically expand my reach on social media to maximize my chances of being able to self-publish. So, please, please, please share my Facebook page and twitter and blog loudly and often.

-My marketing strategy will include helping potential readers to feel immersed in the world in which my novel takes place, so there will be lots of cool content leading up to the release of the book, which, as of now, should happen on or around the 20th of November.

-My dream is to raise enough money through the Kickstarter that I will be able to commit to working full time on adapting the novel to a screenplay.

The sky is the limit, but I really, really need your help to increase my visibility and reach as I prepare to raise funds, self-publish, and become an author who is a hipster, rather than a hipster who wants to be an author.  Thanks :)


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