Just Give Me a Year and Buzzfeed Will Be All Over This

It should come as no surprise that I read a lot as a child, and thus, my conceptions of social norms, an alarming amount of the time, came from books.  I distinctly remember losing my mother and sister in a Kohl's when I was young, and knowing to ask the store clerk for help, because that's what Ernie did in some weird, toddler-ized Sesame Street book I had at home.  My mom, in that instance, had apparently told me that they were going to the dressing room.  I just had a great inclination toward spacing out.  Empty stares and tuning out the external world were (are) kind of my thing.  Truthfully, I'm not sure whether I read about making paper chains as a means of countdown or actually made one at some point in my youth, or the probable answer of both. The conclusion I am trying to reach is that, in my crazy, imagination-fueled, arty world, I still cling to countdowns as ways to break down tasks into digestible bits.

I literally have five separate countdowns, for various and sundry events, written, day by day, in my cheap planner (or diary, as the Brits say).  Obviously, some of these are book-related: book launch, kickstarter launch date, marketing plan done by date, final publication by date, blah, blah, blah.  I also recently installed Instagram on my phone (@annatimeatall).  I feel about Instagram the way I felt about Twitter, which was the way I felt about Facebook, which is: it provides way too many opportunities to look like a giant douchebag.  Of course, I also felt that telling people I was a writer was a display of douchebaggery.  

The next few months of my life are going to be crazy, and unpredictable, and potentially life-changing.  So, basically, I'm attempting to divide it into as many digestible morsels as possible to avoid losing my mind.  I have the time and schedule flexibility now to ingrain some healthy habits into my stubbornly lethargic routine, so I'm going to try to do that.  I'm going to start taking excessive instagrams of things I eat, because pretty photos of salads and the like motivate me to eat better, and (in theory) I will not be uploading photos of sad, British pizzas or sad, British baked goods.  So if you follow me on that platform, consider yourself warned.

I'm also going to try to document life more regularly on this damn blog.  Because, why not have a detailed record of what could be the most colossal success or failure thus far in my life?  Heads up: prizes on the kickstarter will include stickers and t-shirts with the optional screen printed phrase "I knew Anna Beach before she was famous."  It will be hilarious in a sad sort of way if I happen to stay in obscurity, and, for my Columbus peeps, you know Rag-O-Rama would snap that shit up in a heartbeat.  I quite like the idea of hipsters in Old Towne East rocking those shirts.  I digress.  Basically, I'm going to try to document my book publication process without stress-eating myself into whale mode, and will provide witty commentary and heavily filtered photos of assorted fruit and yogurt bowls along the way.  Join me.  I mean, I know I'm not as exciting as this 'listicle' (http://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/take-your-shirt-off-styles), but just give me a year and some fame, and buzzfeed will be all over this :)