Will Vulnerability Sell My Book?



MA Student Wants to Know: Will Vulnerability Sell My Book?


One only has to view ITV’s “Hotel Mum and Dad” or Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture to recognize that the phenomenon of young adults living at home is an increasingly important piece of the sociocultural puzzle.  A candidate for M.A. Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins aims to capture another facet of this circumstance with the publication of novel How To Fly With Rocks In Your Pocket.


In How To Fly, Anna Beach tells the story of Addie, a recent University graduate who must return to her childhood home in the American Midwest.  Largely based upon Beach’s similar experiences moving home after University in 2011, the story explores timeless struggles between tradition and self-realization in a raw, honest voice unique to Gen Y.  The personal nature of the story, coupled with a successful initial funding drive on Kickstarter, prompted Beach to further explore the relationship between vulnerability and compelling narrative as part of her M.A..  Part of a generation known for its painful degree of transparency, often through social media, Beach aims to determine whether this same openness and vulnerability can be used as an effective marketing tactic for her novel.  She will present her completed work at Perplexus, the degree show for MA Applied Imagination, on display at Central Saint Martins December 11-13.


The book is currently available for purchase through Beach’s website: annabeachwrites.com, with plans for expanded distribution in mainstream retailers in 2015.  Individuals interested in obtaining a free copy for review are encouraged to contact the author.